How Cool is Klay?

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Answer – pretty darn cool.  For those of you who are not basketball fans, I’m referring to Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors.  Some call Klay the 4th Beatle when describing the Warriors’ incredible posse of All-Stars and future Hall of Famers- Steph, KD, Draymond, and Klay.  His coach, Steve Kerr, calls Klay the “most low-maintenance guy on earth.”


In an article in the May 30th edition of the Wall Street Journal, Ben Cohen revealed a secret new to many die-hard Warriors fans: Klay is a chess fanatic.  He loves chess and plays nearly every day.  In fact, Klay shared a line many golfers can appreciate when he said, “You can learn a lot about someone playing chess.” His childhood friend and playing partner described Klay’s (chess) game by saying, “he’s at his best when you back him into a corner.”


The Warriors are in their 4th consecutive NBA Finals and Klay Thompson, aka Mr. Cool, is a big reason why.  Once again, Klay was clutch in the deciding final two games during the Warriors’ comeback against the Rockets in the Western Conference Finals.  In Game 7, he picked up three quick fouls in the first four minutes and looked like he was going to have a rough night.  Then, in the second half with the Warriors losing and the season slipping away, Klay erupted with multiple 3-point shots and driving layups. I guess he was backed into a corner.



I’m a pretty lousy chess player but have come to appreciate the game through supporting my sons who each played competitive chess.  To win, you need to understand your adversary, relentlessly attack his weaknesses, and conceal your emotions.  After reading the article about Klay’s love of chess, I thought, “this makes sense. Of course he’s a chess player.”


Is there a tie to cybersecurity?  In a stretch, maybe.  However, there is something we can all respect about the quiet person on the team who simply does his job every day.  The teammate who always volunteers to help, always keeps his cool, and delivers consistent results.


Seems we can all use a Klay Thompson on our team.  Go Dubs.


– Jim Pflaging